The walking dead‘s Christian Serratos determined to lead HBO Maxthe pilot of the upcoming series, more. Appeared back in September 2020 and is due to appear with Seratos – these are his co-stars Veronica Falcon, Yvette MontrealGeorgie Flores and Cece Fernandez.

In accordance with Diversity, Serratos plays Londino Lorenzo, “an international sex symbol who rose to prominence after a political sex scandal thrust her into global headlines. But the irony is that while millions of girls want to be just like her, Londyn has no idea who she really is. Londyn will face her mother and become a force as she battles the dark side of unimaginable glory.”

Christian Serratos Sr The walking dead (By Josh Stringer/AMC)

The show is based on the reporting of journalist Amy Chozik, who also co-hosts the show and wrote the pilot.

The show will follow the Lorenz family, described as a “close-knit clan of seemingly flawless Latinas led by mom/muse Leona.” Having risen through reality TV stardom, the Lorenzis, who have been compared to the Vanderbilts or Astors of the “Instagram era,” have managed to build a billion-dollar conglomerate based on influence. So somewhere in between The Kardashians and Scandal.

Executive producer of the series Natalie Chaidezwho also serves as co-showrunner. Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter will executive produce for Warner Bros. Television.

Serratos is well known for her role in the long-running series The walking dead flagship series, where she joined the cast in Season 4 as Rosita. She also plays the role Selena Quintanilla-Perez in Netflix series, Selena: Seriesand plays the role of Angela Weber in the Darkness movies.

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