Lansing, Michigan (WLNS) – Making kids eat different foods is a struggle that many moms know all too well.

Claire D. Volotton is Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Michigan.

Vallotan said changes in children’s tastes are normal and you will see ups and downs.

Children’s taste buds are more sensitive and they are still trying to figure out what their body needs and how to get it in the foods they are offered.

Vallotan said it sometimes takes 15-20 servings of new food before a child really wants to eat it, but she has some tips on how to get your child to try something new.

“Smell, lick, taste, maybe they will want to try. You know, sometimes I can get my kid to try it, and I’m surprised, “Oh, I like it.” said Volotton.

Something else to try to get your kids involved in the cooking process and allow them to express themselves in what they eat.

“Remember that parents set the environment for food, so we are the ones who say,‘ here’s the range of food available to you, ’” Volotan said. “So we can highlight our food options and then let the kids choose within that. Offering them a choice in this matter really helps, especially when they are not very in control of their lives, but what they eat is one thing they are in control of, ”said Walton.

It should also be remembered that children should not be forced to eat all on their plate. Studies show that it can be very harmful in the long run and lead to overeating and obesity, so start with smaller portions.

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