SAN ANTONIA – Michigan is set to play Sweet Sixteen on Thursday night against Vilanova, one of the college’s most consistently successful basketball teams over the past few seasons. The Wildcats have a talented, experienced roster who tops the best player of the year in the East Colin Gillespie. They are also a historically good team that performs free throws, making them 82% of the click.

The last time Raamahi played with Villana was in the NCAA tournament in 2018, when the Wildcats defeated Michigan in the national championship game, which also took place in San Antonio. Gillespie along with fifth guard Eli Brooks were reserve players in this game. Now they are again facing off five years later as the unequivocal leaders of their teams.

To learn more about this year’s version of Vilanov – and which team may have an advantage in Thursday’s match – The Daily spoke to Colin Beasley, who covers The Villanovan team, a university student work.

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