With two outs and a runner in second place in fifth, Keke Tol approached the plate. Fresh off the bench, the sophomore catcher dug up, looking at the first serve she saw as she came to the belt and over the middle. Tol made a big cut and drove the ball deep into the center field, where it flew off the top of the wall and flew out of the park, leaving the Michigan № 19 softball team on eight runs over North Carolina.

Tolla’s double shot completed the explosion at the plate, which has continued the trend since the end of the weekend invitation. As a result of the hot shots, “Wolverines” (10-5 in total) recorded victories in the rules in five halves, defeating Ilona (9-4) on Monday and Tar Hills (9-7) on Tuesday.

“We’re just finding ways to have fun with each other and have fun on the field,” said senior trapper Hannah Carson. “In the beginning, we tried very hard to see the results without focusing on our process. … Now we just stay in the moment, playing one serve. ”

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