The Republican Party of Michigan will submit a new name to the state’s highest supervisory board less than 24 hours after one of its original candidates would likely be inadmissible.

On Wednesday, the Republican State Party nominated three people for an open Republican seat on the state agitators council: MP Julie Kelly, R-Portland, and two party chairmen in Congress. But Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s office on Thursday told the Republican Party to replace Kelly on its list, citing its apparent unfitness under the Michigan Constitution:

“No person elected to the legislature can receive a civilian appointment in this state from the governor … for the term for which he is elected,” the statement said. Article IV, Section 9.

Michigan Republican spokesman Gus Partela told MLive that “we are proposing a different name” to introduce Whitmer. Kelly’s office did not respond to MLive’s request for comment prior to publication.

Nomination of three people is standard for the Council of State Agitators, a four-member commission of two Democrats and two Republicans whose duties include approval of the national election results, counting of votes and approval of the language of voting. The parties submit a list of candidates to the governor, who elects one of three.

Norm Shinkle, board member for over 13 years, decided to resign earlier this month instead of facing a similar unknown that hung over Kelly’s brief nomination. Shinkle is vying for a seat in the House of Representatives in Ingham County, and it was an open question whether he could run while on the board.

“Although the Attorney General’s Office told me it wasn’t a problem, they said, ‘We’ll look into it.’ And so when they considered it, I thought, “I’m not going to wait for that,” Shinkle MLive said last week: “Thirteen and a half years is enough. Someone else can come in. “

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He said that his replacement should be someone who at least “knows a little about the electoral law.”

Along with Kelly, the original Republican list, first reported by the Gongwer News Service, included Steve Yoder of Traverse City and Michael Hewitt of Grand Rapids. These are the chairmen of the Republican Party in the 1st and 3rd constituencies, respectively.

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