Michigan lowers disguise at school, DPSCD raises vaccination rates

As school districts across the country continue to struggle with the issue of the obligation for students to wear masks in the classroom and on school grounds, several have stated their intention to relinquish these mandates.

Michigan, the only state in the country to require masks for student-athletes, recently announced revised guidelines for indoor camouflage, the most notable of which is the abolition of masks for public school students. Removing the mask recommendation is seen by many as an indication that Covid levels in the state are declining, and a return to normal work in school districts across the state is justified.

Deciding not to comply with the camouflage requirements, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services said the state is in a “recovery” phase and does not expect a resurgence of infections.

Previously, there were no penalties from the state for non-compliance.

“Wearing a mask over your mouth and nose is a medical decision that should be made for everyone, not an authorized government whose job it is to protect people’s rights,” said one of the parents, Sonia Harrison, a change member. arg.

But even as lawmakers and school officials expect a relatively innocuous return to waiving school masks, the public district of Detroit’s public schools continues to exercise caution, adding more comprehensive health and safety guarantees for students across the city. The DPSCD will provide in-school vaccinations to individual students and families on-site. School nurses will conduct standard vaccinations, including Covid vaccines, in K-12 classes.

“Detroit has a 4 percent vaccine level for children, which is 10 times less than in other surrounding cities. This creates an increased likelihood of positive cases and outbreaks [of Covid]. The importance of providing the vaccine directly to our families and students in their schools will accelerate the process of continuous renewal of personal learning of students, while maintaining the highest security measures, “said Dr. Nikolai Viti, head of DPSCD.

The school’s unprecedented immunization program was made possible through partnerships with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the Michigan Racial Disparities Task Force, and the Detroit Department of Health.

As an added incentive, MDHHS also provides $ 25 CVS gift cards to each family with a child participating in this vaccine program. More than 2,000 gift cards will be distributed before stocks last.

As of Feb. 14, six Detroit schools have been identified to participate in the pilot phase of the immunization program. Schools; A. L. Holmes, Coleman, A. Young, Earhart, Mumford, Osborne, and Southeast High School.

“Through this partnership between MDHHS, the Michigan Coronavirus Task Force, local health officials and the DPSCD, we will increase vaccination rates in Detroit, protect our community and help teachers and staff give our children an excellent education,” the lieutenant said. Governor Garlin Gilchrist II, adding that the program can be taken in school districts across the state.

When the school vaccine program is fully implemented, it will provide the first and second doses of the Covid vaccine to 20 clinics weekly.

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