Michigan junior right-hander Cam Weston could only watch as the ball flew over his head into the center field. Seton Hall, third baseman Mark McNally took the RBI single to bring the Pirates ahead 1-0 with just one exit to start the game. Weston retained his composure, retreated to the mound, and quickly withdrew from the next two reflectors. The Wolverines never lagged behind the team until the end of the weekend.

The Michigan baseball team (5-2 overall) won three games in Miami, defeating Setan Hall (0-6) once, 8-2 and FIU (7-2) twice, 16-8 and 13-9.

Despite two quick exits to start at the bottom of the first, the Wolverines rallied to get ahead. Junior inflator Tito Flores directed him to the right center field and reached third base, killing two runners to regain control of the game.

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