Chris Holman welcomes Tony Vernacci, President of the Michigan Aerospace Industries Association AIAM, Rochester, Michigan.

Watch Tony share with Chris about the recent AERO One conference in Grand Rapids by clicking play on YouTube

In the interview, Chris looked to find out from Tony:

Tony, remind our audience about AIAM?

You just came back from a big event in Grand Rapids, tell me about that?

Who were some of your big sponsors and major contributors?

Was there any news from the conference, or a chance to finally get together after the pandemic and share industry practices, etc.?

Anything else we should know about it, and what else is in store for us before the end of this year?

Below is some information about the conference we shared in advance of the recent event:

The outlook for the aerospace industry is extremely promising and there are significant business opportunities – navigating the future is not for the faint of heart. At AeroOne, we’ve assembled a lineup of industry leaders, experts and analysts to share critical insights from their experience and perspective that can help shape strategy and drive critical decisions for your company.

Space is limited and time is running out! The agenda has been designed to allow ample time over the 2 days for networking and multiple functions. Meet industry leaders and interact with nearly 150 companies during the conference. See our list of industry speakers here.

Pre-registration is required!

A must-attend aerospace conference

A premier gathering of renowned industry leaders, innovators and a diverse showcase of aerospace advanced technologies and manufacturing solutions


Michigan Aerospace Industries Association pleased to announce the long-awaited

Summit of aerospace OEMs, suppliers and thought leaders September 7 and 8, 2022

JW Marriott

Grand Rapids, Michigan

What is AeroOne? This is the premier aerospace conference presented by the Michigan Aerospace Industry Association featuring renowned industry speakers, thought leader discussions, exhibitor demonstrations and networking opportunities. This 2-day conference is the perfect hub to connect suppliers and OEMs with plenty of time for networking over a cocktail reception and networking breakfast. Come on AeroOne to be your resource for new industry knowledge, breakthrough technologies, post-pandemic trends and leading industry networks.

For more information visit

Updated agenda

We’ve updated our full agenda for the two-day AeroOne conference, which includes a keynote speaker from Spirit AeroSystems; Supply chain panel discussions with Airbus, Boeing and Counterpoint Market Intelligence; Advanced Air Mobility with the University of Michigan, Stellantis and Morgan Stanley; and discussing Tier1 supplier perspectives with Eaton, GE Aviation and Liebherr to name just a few.

Click here to view the full program of the event.

Exhibition space available!

At AeroOne, exhibitors will have the opportunity to showcase their company’s products and technologies in front of companies such as Airbus, Boeing, Bank of America and Spirit AeroSystems.

The exhibition spaces have been opened for booking, so don’t miss the chance to get your desired spot!

Take a look here to see the exhibition spaces.

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