Chris Holman welcomes back AP Lazer, this time speaking with Tong Lee, Founder and CEO, and Dylan Lee, CEO of AP Lazer, Lansing, Michigan

To see what Tong and Dylan shared with Chris about their company and products, click play on the YouTube video shared below:

Here’s what Chris wanted to know during the interview:

1. What is AP LAZER, why is it growing so fast?

2. Who benefits from AP Lazer? And how?

3. Why is the new SN1812LR model released as a retail machine?

4. How can AP LAZER change the customer experience for retailers?
And how can retailers and their customers benefit from AP Lazer in the retail space?

5. What do you predict for the future? Are entrepreneurs using AP LAZER to partner with retail stores or are retailers directly adapting to the technology? AP Lazer releases a new laser system for creating interactive shopping

Below, the company has also shared more information about its new model that was just released.

AP Lazer releases a new laser system for creation interactive shopping experience

LANSING, MICHIGAN, (September 2022) – AP Lazer® introduces the AP Lazer SN1812LR System, a compact, open-architecture AP Lazer engraver/cut machine combined with a fume hood, ideal for retailers and entrepreneurs to create a memorable, interactive indoor shopping experience.

The patented SN1812LR laser machine features a low carriage that allows it to move easily from top to floor and can engrave objects of any weight, size and shape – adding to the profit of personalizing the store’s products.

The laser system can fit in retail spaces without obscuring displays, and all accessories are included. It has a smoke hood; rotary table for cylindrical engraving of products such as glasses and wine glasses; computer software; full training; and 24/7 technical support 365. The system is designed for brick-and-mortar retailers who adapt the technology in-house, or for entrepreneurs to partner with local retailers.

AP Lazer identified strong market potential for its open-architecture laser machines in the retail space with a successful Crate & Barrel 2021 holiday promotion when AP Lazer’s client, Cutting Edge Lazer Engraving, was hired to engrave products in-store.

“It was a great promotion for the store, my company and for the customers who were thrilled to see their holiday decorations, cutting boards, plates, wine glasses and other items engraved in real time in front of their eyes,” said Nicole Smith , owner of Cutting Edge Lazer Engraving. “Customers have literally cried in front of us as they’ve seen their items transformed into timeless treasures.”

“When a meaningful message is engraved on a store product, the shopping experience is elevated to an interactive and emotional level. At the same time, additional profit can be added to the product without increasing the cost of the product,” explained AP Lazer CEO Tong Lee. “Having a gift laser engraved before your eyes with a message of love, memory, friendship or inspiration is interactive, memorable and emotional.”

Lee also sees the millennial generation leading the trend of increased consumer spending on experiences, making memories and purchasing meaningful products rather than luxury items. “Our materialistic culture leans toward the more spiritual and emotional aspects of life,” Lee said. “We want to bring a new emotional and spiritual market to retail stores with our laser machines. Potential is as limitless as love.’

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, AP Lazer is a privately held manufacturer and distributor of proprietary open architecture CNC laser machines. AP Lazer provides 24/7 technical support 365 days a year. Its clients are located throughout the United States and on six continents. AP LAZER® CO2 laser machines are manufactured in Canada by AP Lazer Canada MFG. Inc, located in Windsor, Ontario. For more information visit, or by calling 1-800-585-8617.

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