The Bloom Elements line of hair care products helps women of all skin tones, especially black women, find the right hair restoration products to make their hair bloom. Bloom Elements founder and CEO Nastasya Burrell, center. The Bloom Elements line of hair care products helps women of all skin tones, especially black women, grow hair and maintain its length.

Hairdresser and restoration expert Nastasha Burrell, 35, doesn’t play around when it comes to the beauty industry, dipping more than her little finger into it.

The multi-hyphenate owner of Stamped Salon and Spa in Eastpoint and founder and CEO of Bloom Elements hair care line, she goes all-in with precision and forethought in her work and sees a bright, recession-proof future for herself, her family and her business because of the inspiration from the unlikely word, “No”.

The self-described serial entrepreneur, investor and mother of two boys (seven and one) said others doubted her ability to shine and run her business, and she overcame their negativity by winning, and she also explains why.

“[It’s for] my sons,” she recently told the Michigan Chronicle. “I do everything. I own real estate. … I let them know that they can do whatever they want to do — be whoever they want to be. Don’t let anybody tell you [what you] cannot do. Too often I was told what I couldn’t do. The store is too big. [My] the product is too big. I’ll show you guys.’

Show us what she did.

Burrell, who also has the Naked Strands line of hair extensions, recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of her sprawling 3,600-square-foot Stamped Salon and Spa in Eastpoint.

“This was the birth of my hair care products, Bloom Elements, which launched in 2019,” she added. “It’s focused on hair restoration.”

With more than 22 years of experience in the specialty hair restoration industry, Burrell said she saw a strong need for specialized hair restoration, which she offers through a wide range of hair products, including a treatment mask and clarifying shampoo, available in her salon and online at

“I saw a need to fill a void in our culture where women think their hair can’t grow or won’t grow or something like that,” she said. “It’s almost like I had to create this product that pushed me to do it. It is stocked with hair oils, heat protectants and products for all hair types.’

According to its website, the Bloom Elements Hair Restoration System was created to promote healthy hair growth. It was developed by professional beautician Burrell, who created a line of professional grade products that can be used by both stylists and consumers. The products are infused with exotic and organic extracts, all vegan, sulfate-free and paraben-free.

Years later, faced with a pandemic, a looming recession and inflation, Burrell said she continues to press on, even in an uncertain economy, despite it all.

“What I do to protect my salon from the recession is I offer stylists on a commission basis [as an option]” Burrell said, adding that she has staff on staff at all times, and her services include walk-ins. “It lets people know we’re here and that we’re always welcome.” reports that the beauty industry as a whole has also had to make adjustments as a whole as beauty standards have slowly changed with the increase in Zoom meetings, work-from-home schedules and shifting priorities.

Despite the long-lasting impact of the changes in beauty standards, Burrell said some things will remain.

“One thing women are going to do is take care of their hair — if they’re going to have to sacrifice something else, they’re going to make sure their hair is healthy,” she said, and for good reason. “This is one of the investments [of] invest in yourself. We all deserve to feel beautiful no matter what.”

One national article says that changes in the beauty industry are being felt across the country whether people continue to pamper themselves or not.

“Customers don’t want to give up beauty shopping,” Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass recently told the Associated Press, according to WXYZ. “People should feel good at this time with so much pressure on them.”

Beauty businesses of all sizes have made dramatic changes in their sales as a result and marketing plans to weather the storm and ultimately survive,” according to an article by “The turns gave way for a the new normalin the space of beauty and also caused a shift in perspective.’

Some brands have increased their online presence with their products like Burrell hair growth line and hair product line.

“We knew right away that the value of home care and small luxuries was going to increase, so we started showing our customers how our products can help them enjoy themselves despite the difficult situation,” says Julie Longyear, founder Blissoma, a holistic and herbal skincare brand, in the article.

“2020 is a launch year for us,” said Lela Kelly, founder Volta Urbana, climate-friendly skincare brand in the article. Her efforts were overshadowed by the growing pandemic, and by March they were completely dead in the water. Seeing traditional startup channels shut down in a completely unique environment of business disruption, she and her team explored alternatives to get into people’s minds, including philanthropy, a lot advertising approaches and creating original content. But she said: “Despite all our efforts, we have not made a breakthrough. Throughout the process, we’ve continued to refine what resonates with our existing and future customers.”

Burrell said she also continues to be supported by her company’s large organic following, which has grown along with the popularity of her products over the years.

“We’ve had really great feedback,” she said. “We’re getting traffic [without heavy social media influencers and have] has been featured in several magazines and featured in Cosmopolitan magazine.”

Burrell added that at the end of the day, mothers especially need to feel good, and hair care is essential to that.

“A lot of times moms or just others get overlooked when they go all out and be superwomen,” she said, adding that she notices a difference in her clients when they leave her salon, which is priceless. “They come out with bounce, swing, confidence. This environment; it’s culture. This is a community. [We] will really help you feel part of us and not just come to get a service.”

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