During February at the University of Michigan and Office of Multinational Student Affairs (MESA) organized events to to celebrate Month of Black History (BHM) and 50th anniversary Trotter and MESA Multicultural Center. The BHM Planning Committee has decided on this topic BLACK JOY! with events starting from the holiday round table to singer Eileen Southern and the music of black Americans to Fr. dance workshop for ballroom dancing.

MESA and the BHM Planning Committee organized the closing ceremony of the month, which included performances by dance ensembles, vocal music performances and a keynote presentation by Robin Wilson, Associate Professor of Dance and Associate Professor of African American Studies. LSA Senior Member Cory Tucker, a member of the BHM Planning Committee, began the ceremony by welcoming guests and explaining why the Planning Committee chose “BLACK JOY!” as the theme of this year’s Black History Month.

“Throughout this month, we’ve been doing a mission to celebrate ourselves,” Tucker said. “We realized that black people went through a lot of hardships, so we didn’t want to focus on that. As the Planning Committee worked out ideas on what the theme of this year’s Black History Month should be, we decided that this campus in particular was overdue to celebrate our joy, and so we came up with BLACK JOY! “

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