Almost every one of us has heard some version of this: technology ruins the sanctity of relationships, friendships that are formed through the internet are not realdigital communication and social networking have spoiled which means communicating with other people. Millennials and Generation Z members constantly criticized for failing to put down phones and connect with people through personal communication.

There is some truth in the idea that people our age spend an excessive amount of time looking at screens. Studies show that the Zers generation can almost spend nine hours a day interaction with technology. But in an increasingly digital and globally connected world, it is almost impossible to avoid spending time online, whether for academic, professional or social reasons. Needless to say, my generation just celebrated our bicentennial anniversary visits Zoom University.

As a result, young people have created spaces on the Internet for interactive freedom. Digital self-expression has become the new, sixth language of intimate love – and memes are at the forefront of this modern form of communication.

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