GRAND REPIDS, Michigan – When spring comes to Michigan, the barrels come out.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is planning a busy road construction season. Many of the major projects involve the complete reconstruction of sections of the highway.

MDOT divides the state into regions, and Western Michigan covers two of them: the Greater Region (Allegan County, Bari, Ionia, Kent, Lake, Mason, Mecca, Montcalm, Muskegon, New York and Ottawa) and the Southwest Region (Berien County, Bran , Calhoun, Cass, Kalamazoo, Marshall, St. Joseph and Van Buren).

Here are the major projects planned this year in the Greater Region. (Start dates have not yet been announced.)

Kent County

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  • Rebuild I-96 between 36th Street and the Whitneyville Overpass.
  • All traffic will be rescheduled to split one side of the highway and the other side will be restored.
  • Wait for the lane to overlap.
  • Cost: $ 15.5-16 million.
Grand Reg New Fulton ramp.png



  • Create a new ramp from M-21 Fulton Street to I-96 to the east.
  • Until now, traffic in the east on I-96 could only leave. The new ramp allows you to enter I-96 east of Fulton Street.
  • Build an additional right lane on I-96 to the east to connect Fulton Street with Cascade Road with the interlacing lane.
  • Cost: $ 3.5 million.

M-11 28th Street

  • Recovery coverage is 4.5 miles between US-131 in Wyoming and I-196 in Grandville.
  • Most of the work will be carried out at night with overlapping lanes and traffic changes.
  • Repair of bridges.
  • Cost: $ 4.5 million.

Ottawa County

Grand Reg 196 Ott Co.png

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  • Restore the seven-mile I-196 between 32nd Avenue and Byron Road.
  • All traffic will be rescheduled to split one side of the highway while the other side resumes.
  • Wait for the lane to overlap.
  • Cost: $ 65-66 million. Source: Michigan Recovery Program.
Grand Reg GH bridges.png

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  • Maintenance and repair of the underwater (drawbridge) bridge over the Grand River.
  • Maintenance and repair of associated bridges north of the Grand River on US-31 and M-104.
  • The second year of the three-year project.
  • Lane overlaps and traffic changes are expected.
  • Work will be carried out in spring and autumn, suspended for the summer tourist season.
  • Total cost for three years: $ 20 million.
Grand Reg 31 rebuild.png

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  • Restore 3.5 miles of US-31 between I-196 and Central Avenue.
  • Lane overlaps and traffic changes are expected.
  • Cost: $ 25 million.

Alegan County

Casino Grand Reg interchange.png

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  • Completion of upgrade of junction at exit 61 M-179, Gun Lake Casino.
  • Construction of new bridges across US-131 is nearing completion.
  • Restoration of US-131 coverage north and south of the interchange.
  • Wait for the lane to overlap.
  • Cost: $ 26 million.
  • The project is partly funded by Cannon Lake Tribe Patawati Indians.

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