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Today, Detroit Mayor Mike Dagan and City Council President Mary Sheffield were joined by executives from Majorel, a leading provider of integrated solutions to next-generation customers for brands around the world, to announce that the company will open an office in downtown Detroit in the coming months. In addition, there will be a job fair in Mayorel from Friday to Sunday, where Detroit residents can take positions from $ 17 an hour with benefits.

The company is hiring about 200 full-time employees to begin with and plans to increase to more than 500 employees downtown, which will be announced soon. Majorel chose Detroit from more than 50 other cities.

“I would like to thank Mayorla not only for choosing Detroit, but also for giving the people of this city a chance to take these well-paid jobs,” said Mayor Daggan. “The fact that the company, which does business in 35 countries, has chosen Detroit, speaks to the future of our city and the opportunities we create here for the people of our city.”

This view was shared by Council President Sheffield, who said: “We are delighted to see the career opportunities that Majorel provides to Detroit residents. We appreciate their investment in using our skilled and talented members of the community and look forward to building effective and equitable working relationships in the future. ”

Employees will perform roles in customer service, human resources and operations at a variety of levels from entry-level to manager, leading with Majorel’s advanced digital clients.

Gus Gikas, vice president of operations for North America at Majorel, said: “We chose Detroit because of the positive impact we believe we can have on the community as we offer hundreds of new jobs to residents. We look forward to providing our future employees with extensive training and education, as we support their career opportunities. ”

The job fair will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Friday and Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday at the Ontario Showroom, West Level 3, Renaissance Center, 400 Renaissance Drive West, downtown. Some applicants will be hired on site. Employees with interest or experience in social media, customer service and technology are asked to bring resumes to the job fair. Training and education will be available to staff, so long experience is not required but encouraged. The Majorel office in Detroit will open almost in April, and eventually the workers will move to its downtown offices.

After the job fair, Majorelle will work with Detroit at Work to help put Detroit residents in positions. They can go in to apply.

“We’re working to make Detroit residents one of the most ready-made cadres Majorelle has seen in the country,” said Nicole Sherard-Freeman, head of vacancy, economics and Detroit at work. “Through Detroit at Work, we will make these opportunities available to Detroit residents with the right skills, and with the city council and our community partners, we will learn about it. Majorel is a great example of what a combination of the city’s economic development and workforce development looks like. ”

Since March 2021, the Detroit Regional Partnership has been working to bring Majerel to Southeast Michigan by conducting a virtual tour of the region and providing data and analysis of the workforce to inform about the site selection process.

“We are delighted that this innovative, customer-driven company has found itself in the Detroit region, leading with its cutting-edge digital solutions,” said Maureen Donahue Kraus, President and CEO of the Detroit Regional Partnership. “Majorello’s announcement is a great victory, they could be anywhere in the country, but they chose Detroit. It further cements the city and our region as a technology hub that competes with traditional technology markets across the country. ”

Kevin Johnson, president and CEO of Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, added: “DEGC is happy to support companies like Majorel who want to grow and hire locally. Majorel will not only prioritize working with Detroit, but also ensure stable, well-paid work. The global company’s decision to have a presence in Detroit demonstrates how we worked together to attract new business, jobs and investment to our city. ”

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