Occupation: Marketing manager
industry: technical
age: 25
Location: Hartford, Connecticut
Salary: 102,000 dollars
Net worth: $99,300 ($2,300 in checking, $28,800 in savings, $34,100 in investment accounts, $20,600 in a Roth IRA, $13,500 in my 401(k). I live with my partner and we share everything costs 50/50.)
Debt: $4,500 in student debt (if I am granted loan forgiveness, it will be completely forgiven)
Salary amount (fortnightly): 2737 dollars
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly expenses
rent: $1,100 (My half of the rent that I split with my partner for our one bedroom rental. We actually could have afforded a two bedroom and really thought about it, but decided to make the short term sacrifice for the long term gain and savings. )
Utilities: 100 dollars
Gas: $20 to my partner (I rely on my partner and his car to get us to work and play. I help out by sending him gas money every month.)
Mobile phone: $30 to my family for my portion
Internet: covered by my company
Yoga classes: The $50 is covered by my company’s monthly compensation
Hulu, Netflix, Peacock, Paramount, HBOMax, Disney: $0 (shared accounts with my partner’s family)
401(k): 8% of my salary, 5% of matches are covered by my employer

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