A man from Mount Clemens did not plead guilty to threatening a Macomb County judge and was sentenced to two years probation.

Robert Scraggs, 44, on Tuesday reported the misuse of a telecommunications device in Clinton County Court 41B and was immediately sentenced by Judge Jacob Feminine, who also ordered him to undergo a mental health examination.

In December, Scraggs was charged with leaving a two-minute voicemail message to Macomb County Judge Richard Carretti in August that included death threats.

“My office will continue to take direct threats against government officials seriously,” said Attorney General Dana Nessel, whose office dealt with the case.

As part of the verdict, Scraggs must follow all mental health assessment guidelines, including counseling and / or medication recommendations, as per release. Scrags was also ordered not to contact Carretti and his staff. If Scraggs violates the terms of his sentence, he will be sentenced to prison, the judge said in a release.

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