A game in the tough Catholic League brought dividends to the Lutheran North women’s basketball team on Monday night.

The Mustangs, who play Marion, Dearborn Divide and Farmington Hills Mercy, perhaps some of the state’s best teams in their league, were able to take what they learned in these tough games and use it against Madison Heights Lamfer.

The pressure defense of the Lutheran North, its size and athleticism wreaked havoc for Reims from the first blow, reaching victory in the quarter-finals in District 73-21 in the Lutheran North.

“We’ve played in that defense all season,” LHN coach Andrea Avery-Tiedt said. “We’ve played a very difficult conference and I think we’re playing those harder conference games prepared for where we are today. This has allowed us to practice our defense against very tough competition and build throughout the season. ”

The Mustangs never lagged behind, jumping to the 18-4 lead after falling 11 points behind Maddie Dilela by a quarter. LHN’s onslaught continued to wreak havoc on the Rams in the second quarter, leading to a 17-8 lead, increasing the lead to 35-15 at the break.

“We were told something else, and (Lutheran North) came out in something else,” said Lamphere coach Mike Cobus. “I won’t let the game ruin our season. We finished 14-7 and we are very happy with where we are. ”

LHN postponed the game in the third quarter, increasing the score to 24-6, including 10 points from Dilella and six from Lindsay LaBari, pushing their lead to 59-21 in the final.

“I told them tonight that we could do ourselves throughout the season, suffering a few beatings from some of the state’s best teams,” Avery-Teda said. “I never had to worry about their morale. They just kept coming to practice, working hard, and they earned that win tonight. ”

Dilela led the Mustangs with 21 points.

“Maddie has been a workhorse all season,” Avery-Teda said. “She’s really matured this season, turning into a good quarterback / guard. We really hope for her, but she is counting on the support of her team. She is not one of those who wants to take the ball and do everything themselves. She is a team player. “

Hannah Miller added 14 points for the LHN and Ava Herbst added 11 points.

“Hannah and Maddie are leaders in our team in the first place now,” Avery-Teda said. “Hannah is a very developed player. On the offensive she can kill and she can score in the basket. In defense, she will fall in your face and slow you down. “

The win improved the Mustangs ’record to a total of 7-12 and moved them to the semifinal match against Clawson in Cranbrook on Wednesday night. Avery-Teda said the team will prepare for this game just as they would for any other game this season.

“We’re going to do a review of the film to prepare, like the whole season,” Avery-Ted said. “We will go out and play our game the way we like to play. We don’t need to worry about what Marion, Mercy, or Child of God will do, and we need to figure out what to do to stop them. Now we can play in our own style and play the way we have for the last four months. ”

Lamphere, who finished the season 14-7 overall, was led by Kate Robinson with seven points, and Laney Abbott added six points.

“I have four freshmen on this team, and two of them are starting,” Cobus said. “I just want them to look at the scoreboard and understand what just happened. Let’s go to work in the summer. “

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