(Kindness by Christy Cuville)

LAFAYET, L. (KLFY) – A mother from Louisiana wrote a brutally honest obituary for her 22-year-old son, who died of a drug overdose.

Hunter Lee Clemons passed away on February 10 after battling drug addiction. His mother, Christy Cuville, said she had no doubt she would set out the circumstances of her son’s death. his obituary.

“Silence would mean that Hunter’s death was futile, but if his story saved one man’s life, we would tell it a million more times. We know the pain of his suffering. We know the pain of our own suffering as his family, and we know that here in our community, there are hundreds of other people who suffer as drug addicts or as their loved ones, ”Cuville said.

Hunter, who was born in Jacksonville, Florida, grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, and for the first time in 19 years overdosed on heroin with fentanyl, the obituary said.

“Drugs offered Hunter escape from his demons, which he encountered throughout his life,” Cuville wrote.

After the first overdose, Clemons was included in a four-day life support regimen and then underwent drug rehabilitation, his mother said.

A few years later, on February 10, 2022, he was found face down in bed.

Hunter’s mother wants it to be perfectly clear how her son’s life ended so prematurely.

“The truth (regardless of the circumstances) around the drug epidemic can be for someone the difference between life and death. In honor of Hunter’s life, we ask you to spread the truth about this epidemic and raise awareness. ”

She said Hunter started using it again without her knowledge. The morning after his death, he drank a pill when he got up for work, began to feel unwell, dropped lunch on the floor, fell asleep face to bed and never woke up.

A roommate found him a few hours later, she said.

“Even if you’re just a social drug user, it will take once. If you are not going to stop using, you have to start testing your medication and save your life until you are ready to clean up, ”Cuville said.

The hunter worked and loved fishing in his spare time, his family said. Despite the constant struggle, he remained kind, cheerful, charismatic, dedicated, devoted and always sought to find the positive in any situation, his mother wrote.

If you are seeking help with an addiction-related disorder, call the national hotline at 1,800.662.HELP.

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