Australia’s leading car subscription company Lupita has launched a new digital Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-fraud package called TruPass, designed to help mobile service providers get customers online safely and securely. This world-first announcement of a mobility service comes shortly after Loopit raised A$3.6 million in its first external capital raising.

Lupita has seen rapid growth since launching in early 2019 as the software platform of choice for the growing car subscription industry.

With the introduction of TruPassLoopit provides a secure and seamless online client for both its subscription service providers and their customers to help them grow with confidence as flexible as new mobile solutions continue to gain momentum.

Michael Higgins, co-founder and managing director of Loopit, said: “The security of our mobility service providers and their customers is a core priority for Loopit as a platform. It is important to provide robust security and fraud prevention measures for our mobility service providers without compromising end-user customers. TruPass is a way to create a seamless customer experience while giving our suppliers the confidence to grow.”

TruPass provides trusted customer KYC and fraud prevention technology including digital identity verification, customer credit assessment, biometric authentication, fraudulent payment prevention and more, all done seamlessly and in real-time with a completely paperless, consumer-centric process.

“With more than 70% of new car subscription customers signing up entirely online through Loopit, it’s important that our car subscription providers have the freedom to grow their fleet with confidence in an evolving industry, and TruPass’s innovation ensures our providers are guaranteed to succeed in scale”.

“Our liveness technology means that we can not only confirm that the document that identifies an individual is genuine, but that the person presenting that document is who they say they are – all digitally form and without manual intervention. This is similar to the technology used by Airbnb and is the first time it has been applied to the mobility sector anywhere in the world.”

Car Subscription Australia also provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for car dealerships, resellers and manufacturers to offer their car subscription services to customers. The end-to-end platform provides dealerships with a “subscription in a box” including the software, training and services they need to make it simple and easy to offer customers a car subscription.

Lupita now powers 80% of Australia’s car subscription market.

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