Laurel, MD – You already know that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is felt around the world, especially at the gas station.

Prices are expected to rise this week.

So what are the options for reducing the price of the leaders of our country?


Across the country, the gas station has become a place of disappointment.

“It’s crazy,” said Bruce Fleming, an Uber driver from Maryland.

“It’s ridiculous,” shouted driver Anthony Akoka, who works in the automotive industry.

The national average is now more than $ 3.84 a gallon.

This is much higher in states like California, Nevada and Arizona.


Of course, the most important question now is how high will the prices be and can President Biden and Congress do anything about it?

We could reach $ 4.25, maybe $ 4.50 per gallon, ”Patrick De Haan predicts gas prices for GasBuddy.

He says $ 4.10 a gallon is the current record high national average for gas. It happened back in 2008.

He predicts that this year the national average will be even higher.

“It could come on Fool’s Day,” De Haan said.

The data draws the attention of President Biden, who has some options.

Option № 1 Suspend the federal gas tax, which currently stands at 18 cents a gallon.

On Capitol Hill, some lawmakers have suggested it may help. However, the idea is struggling due to fears that lowering the gas tax will lead to less money on infrastructure projects.

The new law on infrastructure is based on revenues from the gas tax.

Option # 2

Allow the use of winter gasoline throughout the summer.

“There are many difficulties when a nation switches to summer gasoline,” De Haan added.

You may not know it, but De Haan says the Environment Agency prescribes in most places to sell cleaner gasoline from June 1 to September 15.

This is because in the warmer months gasoline is more likely to evaporate, causing smog.

President Biden could take steps to support cheaper winter gas.

“Winter gasoline has higher emissions, it is more volatile, but it is cheaper to produce,” said De Haan.

Option # 3

Release more oil from the country’s reserve.

The president has already done that, but so far it has very little effect on what motorists pay.

Option # 4

Increase domestic energy production

However, this would run counter to his commitment to reduce drilling for climate change.

Back at the gas station you realize that people want it solved.

Anthony Akoka voted for Biden.

“I could go the republican way as things go,” Akako said.

“Something needs to be done.”

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