Lexus and unrolling is proud to announce its partnership with Chicago-born and Pear Nova beauty brand CEO Rachel James, launching a next-tier branded content program during Black History Month. The company covers the all-new Lexus NX and focuses on continuous progress.

“Working with Lexus as a black media company demonstrates their commitment to diversity and enables us to pursue a bold vision that enables a community of young, gifted and black creatives and entrepreneurs,” said Manson Steed, CEO and publisher. unrolling.

The next generation of entrepreneurs are creative breakthroughs that continue to intensify their vision. This next upswing can be seen in young and ambitious entrepreneurs such as James, who named her beauty brand after her lovely sister Nova, and the Nova pear tree, which is known to withstand extreme temperatures.

“While working with Lexus, I learned that luxury is a feeling. This is thinking. This is an experience. You define luxury. Luxury does not define you. For me, raising a level means reaching, growing and evolving. I am constantly challenging myself to achieve new goals, grow as a mother, entrepreneur and person, and develop as I learn new things and gain new skills. Achieving the next level is progress, opportunities and improvement, as well as overcoming obstacles to reach new heights, ”James commented.

The director at the Sound Stage in Chicago was director and photographer Bradley A. Murray.

“I was very happy to run Lexus because I love Lexus. I only owned Lexus cars, so it made sense, ”Murray said.

“When we started talking about who would be better suited for the lead role, Rachel James came up and I immediately thought it was in line with her aesthetics as an entrepreneur. We really wanted to focus on understanding the entrepreneurial spirit and on how to act differently, but also on how to do things in style and look good. I think that’s what Rachel lives for, she’s always polished, “Murray continued.

The company embodies elegance, luxury and heightened fuss. The Lexus NX has been illuminated as a channel to the next generation of loaders and trailers, talking to business owners, artists and creators. These people, like James, move in the rhythm of their own imagination to raise their hustle and bustle.

“We are excited to use our Lexus NX platform to celebrate entrepreneurs like Rachel James,” said Mia Phillips, senior manager at Lexus Advertising and Media. “We hope this campaign inspires the next generation of black creators and business owners to realize their dreams and take them to the next level.”

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