“The Chatfield family is grieving the pain caused by Mr. Chatfield, and Mrs. Chatfield is unequivocally supportive of Mr. Chatfield when he apologizes and works to make amends for those he has offended so much,” said Matt Newburg. of the Grand Ledge, the statement said.


“Simply put, Rebecca’s allegations are false,” the statement said, prompting a sharp response from Rebecca Chatfield’s lawyer.

Rebecca Chatfield, in a police report and in many interview with Bridge MichiganIt is alleged that Lee Chatfield first attacked her when she was a 15- or 16-year-old student at the Northern Michigan Christian Academy in Bert Lake, a private school run by the Chatfield family, where Lee taught and coached football.

Their relationship continued in 2021, said Rebecca, who is now 26. She described her home life as a teenager as chaotic and said Lee Chatfield used these vulnerabilities to isolate her. Although she admitted that she sometimes initiated contact with Lee, Rebecca said that Lee manipulated her to stay in a relationship that was never truly agreed because he “prepared me for who I wanted to be.”

In a statement Thursday, Stephanie Chatfield claimed several inconsistencies and misstatements in Rebecca’s account, suggesting possible mental health problems. Rebecca’s claims “are meaningless and untrue,” Stephanie said through her lawyer.

Jamie White, Rebecca Chatfield’s lawyer, issued a statement calling it “pathetic but not surprising that Stephanie Chatfield responds to accusations of rape against her husband in the traditional way: blaming the victim, calling her a messy, promiscuous girl. , invited her own abuse ”.

Stephanie Chatfield’s husband’s persistent defense comes at a time when state police seem to be stepping up an investigation into sexual violence and campaign funding against Lee Chatfield, who denied any criminal activity through his attorney.

Authorities on Tuesday searched the town of Bath in the home of two top lawmakers who worked for Lee Chatfield in the State House and associated with political and nonprofit foundations The Republican lever raised large sums of money.

Court records also show that state police last week executed a search warrant at the residence of Aaron Chatfield in the Lansing area, who is Rebecca’s husband and Lee’s younger brother. Aaron Chatfield fights warrant, calling it “fishing expedition».

In an interview with Bridge in December, Aaron Chatfield supported his wife’s report of continued sexual violence by Lee. Aaron was dating Rebecca when Rebecca said Lee had first started abusing her.

But Aaron Chatiffel’s lawyer, Mike Nichols, spoke in a different tone earlier Thursday, describing Rebecca as Aaron’s “unfaithful” wife. Nichols declined to comment further on Bridge.

In her statement, Stephanie Chatfield challenged several specific memoirs of Rebecca Chatfield, challenging her chronicle of events involving her husband, arguing that her daughter-in-law had made baseless accusations against Lee in an attempt to gain fame and attention.

Newburgh, Stephanie Chatfield’s lawyer, did not say why she decided to speak now after rejecting initial requests to comment on the allegations against her suffering husband. But she “feels compelled to protect her family,” he said in a statement.

Stephanie Chatfield has challenged several allegations made by her daughter-in-law.

Rebecca Chatfield told Bridge and later the Lansing City Pulse that Lee Chatfield first attacked her at her home, where as a teenager she sometimes nursed or stayed after football games at the Christian Academy where he taught. She said the first incident happened when she was 15 or 16, she could not be sure if. She said that one night Lee joined her to watch TV in the basement of his house, locked her on the landing and groped her in her clothes.

Her memory of that initial meeting is clear, even if there are no specific deadlines, she told Bridge.

But Stephanie Chatfield said Rebecca “never nursed” the family when she was 15, “and at that age she didn’t stay in their home.” Stephanie Chatfield also challenged her sister’s recollection of what she was first unwanted sexual contact with Lee Chatfield took place in the basement of their home.

When Rebecca was 15, the family lived in the house on a ranch without a basement, said lawyer Stephanie Chatfield. They bought a house with a basement shortly before Rebecca turned 16, but did not drive in immediately and had no TV or furniture in the basement for the first year, the lawyer said.

The specific timing of the relationship may be relevant to the ongoing criminal investigation against Lee Chatfield, which is being conducted by state police through the office of Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Michigan law typically sets the age of consent to sex at 16 years old. Also a crime for a teacher is any type of sexual penetration with a student under the age of 18, although some charges may only be filed for 10 years after the alleged crime.

State MP David Lagrand, D-Grand Rapids, this week introduced a law that would allow alleged victims of sexual violence to use evidence of “spying” to oppose the defense of “consent” in criminal prosecution.

When account Became a law, a prosecutor like Rebecca Chatfield will be able to “go ahead, knowing that all the evidence they can present about retirement will be admissible” in court, Lagrand Bridge said.

“Grooming is behavior designed to break people’s defenses and normalize unwanted sexual harassment,” he said. “It’s really important that we shed light on this and strengthen the defense in light of the number of sexual scandals that are emerging.”

Stephanie Chatfield also challenged Rebecca’s report that Lee took advantage of his vulnerability one night shortly before she married Aaron Chatfield.

Rebecca told Bridge that her husband’s family put pressure on her and Aaron when they were 19 after learning that teenagers have sex. She said Lee dragged her into a closet and forced her to have sex that evening at the family home.

A statement from Stephanie Chatfield on Thursday said Rebecca stayed at her mother’s house the night before the wedding. She also said Rebecca “asked” the family to convince Aaron to marry her after he “caught a cold”.

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