Lansing, Michigan (WLNS) – The Lansing Public Safety Committee on Thursday unanimously approved a new proposal requiring gun owners to report stolen weapons to the Lansing Police Department if they were stolen in the city.

If they fail to do so, they will face a fine of up to $ 500.

Now the decision will go to the City Council. Their next meeting will be held on March 14, where there will be an opportunity to express public opinion, and if there are no questions, the City Council will vote on it.

The proposal was made by Lansing Mayor Andy Shore.

Currently, owners of stolen firearms are required to report the theft to Michigan State Police, but there is no requirement to pass this information to local law enforcement.

“Any little things we can do to make sure there is responsible gun ownership [will] help the city of Lansing and LPD with reporting and the ability to further uncover crimes when they happen, and prevent them by making sure people are a little more responsible with their weapons. We will do it, ”said Lansing City Councilman Brian Daniels.

If the council makes a decision, it will take effect on March 15.

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