KIM KARDASHYAN ROLLS BACK AFTER TROLLS commented on her weight loss method to fit into the MET GALA dress: “I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WOOD”

This magical walk takes place just days after Kim was caught scolds the eldest son on Instagram Live. How GOOD! Earlier it was reported that the Holy Merry took the opportunity to patrol 320 million followers of his mother Kardashian the star asked him to convey greetings to the fans.

– Hello, weirdos! Shouted the Saint playfully, ignoring his mother’s requests to stop. “When you watch it, I hate you!”

“Hey! Holy, look why you’re teaching him,” – SKIMS the founder firmly told him, encouraging him to set a better example for his younger brother. “It’s something you won’t see because you say bad things,” she added as they walked past the toy store.

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