Kanye West is facing small repercussions for his latest antics. West has been locked into his Instagram account and will not be able to use the platform or connect with his 15 million subscribers in 24 hours. West has repeatedly attacked, harassed and openly threatened people on the platform, including his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, her new boyfriend Pete Davidson, comedian D.L. Hagley and most recently the host of the Daily Show Trevor Noah. On Tuesday, Trevor Noah said the drama between West and Kardashian was “terrible.”

“Two things may be true: Kim loves publicity. Kim is also being persecuted. “Such things can happen at the same time,” Noah said, “Noah said. He continued, “You may not feel sorry for Kim because she is rich and famous, because of the way she dresses, because she appropriates black culture, because she tells women that they are lazy, because she broke the internet and did not lay it out. together again … but what she is going through is scary to watch and sheds light on what many women go through when they decide to leave ”.

Noah referred to his mother and her experience of combating violence and harassment during his show. “You see a world where women are being questioned about what is happening to them, not people who doubt what is happening to them,” he said.

West responded to Noah, calling him a racial insult on Instagram. At a recent hearing to declare herself lonely, Kim Kardashian told the judge that West’s antics on social media had caused her great emotional upset. Since their split, West has repeatedly attacked Kim Kardashian’s upbringing and accused Kardashian of keeping him away from the children. Also, since contacting Pete Davidson Kanye West has started attacking and threatening Davis and has even encouraged his followers to confront the SNL star when they see him in public. In his latest music video, West shows the abduction and beheading of an SNL star.

Earlier this week, comedian DL Hugley accused West of harassing his ex-wife, and Kanye responded on Instagram, saying he could afford to “hurt” the comedian. This sparked a series of tweets from the comedian. In one tweet, Hagley says he should focus on taking the medication rather than sending “thugs” to find him.

“Hmmm! Isn’t that weird # Kanye supposedly there are all these thugs who will kill for him, but none of them will follow the recipes? Here’s a thought while you’re going to kill me in Calabasas, how about someone getting into CVS and picking it up Xanax! Lol, ”the King of Comedy wrote on Twitter.

The target, Instagram’s parent company, told TMZ that the rapper’s recent reports violate Instagram’s policies regarding hate speech, bullying and harassment. In most of his remarks and attacks on Instagram, Kanye usually posts messages and then deletes them. These latest antics accompany a series of disturbing behaviors of the 40+ -year-old rapper. West’s fight against bipolar disorder was widely reported in the media, and Kim Kardashian spoke about Kanye Struggle with his mental health.

Bipolar disorder involves excessive shifts in mood, energy, concentration levels and more. This is usually driven by a combination of medication and therapy. It is unknown whether Kanye is receiving treatment, medication or therapy.

Unknown, Kanye returns to Instagram and stops his destructive messages, but Meta says they will take further action with Kanye West if necessary.

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