Here is Journal Club 9/23/22! Every week I spend JOURNAL CLUB. After sifting through articles online, I present a few that have impacted my life this week. Stay safe and stay healthy!

  • Is it possible to take a long break from work as you strive for financial independence? If so, how will this extended break affect your FIRE date? Will this cause delays? Is there a way to enjoy a long break without major changes to your FIRE goal? Well, there is good news. The Healer in FIRE answers to these and other questions in the article – Minimizing the effect of the Sabbath on your fire date.
  • “I think I’m close to being financially independent enough to retire early, but I’m going to hold off for another year just to be absolutely sure.” Does this sound familiar? It seems logical and what many of us go through. however, Mr. Money Mustache calls it “another year syndrome” and shares his perspective on overcoming it in an article – Why you’ll probably never run out of money.
  • The global pandemic has been difficult for each of us for different reasons; perhaps the financial crisis has been one of the biggest challenges many have faced in the past two years. However, the author a SurgiFI wants to remind us of this “Hard times don’t last, tough people do.” In the article, the author takes a closer look at the ever-changing trends to bridge the wealth gap in our communities – Financially, you’re doing better than you think.

That’s it for this week! I hope this week’s journal club was helpful.

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