Michigan counties are seeking to use a portion of the $ 6 billion in federal funds from COVID, the largest inflow of federal dollars into education in state history, to introduce new curricula and programs focused on student welfare and hire much-needed social workers and counselors. The event will examine what works and what doesn’t, what support has proven effective over time, whether districts are investing in these best practices and what students and faculty think they need.

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As reported by Bridge, Michigan is experiencing a significant shortage of mental health resources available to youth struggling during a pandemic, exacerbating a problem that existed long before COVID hit the state. During the discussion, Bridge Michigan health reporter Robin Erb will discuss what the study says about the growing influx of mental suffering that children and adolescents suffer during a pandemic.

Please Respond to this event get information about the webinar as well as the opportunity to submit your ideas to questions. This event is the first of four parts of the national Chalkbeat series called COVID and Mental Health.

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