The Detroit Lions signed free agent DJ Charko from Jacksonville in the offseason, and while still in training camp, he’s already proven to be a reliable target for quarterback Jared Goff. During the Lions Family Fest open practice at Ford Field, Chark and Goff were the main draw with several deep connections, including one for a touchdown.

“You almost feel like you can just throw him anywhere and he’ll follow,” Gough said. “It’s a good feeling.”

Chark said it still goes a long way in building a level of trust and comfort between him and his quarterback. What he values ​​most in this relationship is an open line of communication designed to achieve the best possible finished product on the field.

“One thing I like about JG is being able to talk to him and find out what he’s thinking and say what I think and what I like,” Chark said. “We work on many different routes.”

Chark laughed modestly when told that Goff says he feels like he can just “throw the ball” for him to find, but immediately credits the wide receiver room in Detroit. He said it’s nice to know he could fill the void of being such a deep, exciting target in Detroit, but at the same time, he knows it’s the talent around him that makes him a better player.

“We have some very talented receivers in this room that push me to get better every day,” Chark said. “I feel like I need to step up my game. It makes me feel like when I’m out there, I can’t let the standard down or let any of those guys down.”

Chark has been open about the toxic environment he came from in Jacksonville and said he appreciates what he now has in Detroit and the difference for him is huge.

“I don’t have one thing to complain about while I’m here,” Chark said. “I’m treated well, the players around me are treated well, they’re treated like professionals.”

He’s putting his work in at Allen Park, trying to be a part of the next step of the Lions offense and franchise. But when he leaves Allen Park, a very different job awaits him. Young daughter and another baby on the way. Chark and his wife are expecting their second child in October.

“It’s wonderful. It’s a good balance. I like playing with my daughter, she’s crazy, she runs all over the field and plays,” laughed Chark. “I have to keep her away from the creepy ice cream trucks, she’ll definitely go for the ice cream.”

Other observations from Allen Park:

  • Dan Campbell didn’t watch the HBO series Hard Knocks, where he really became a television sensation. From his memorable quotes to his emotional speeches, Campbell continues to show the world his personality, a personality that his team loves very much. He said he’s had a lot of calls and texts from friends making fun of his appearance on the show, but he said he won’t shy away from showing who he really is.
    • “I am what I am. So when you do something like that, it’s a big deal and you’re going to be out there in the public eye and people are going to put together their own idea of ​​who you are and I’m not changing that. I mean, I can’t change it one way or another, I just have to be myself.”
  • Sheila Ford Hamp wanders the sides carefully again. She was at almost every practice that WXYZ reported on. Most often she is accompanied by other Lions brass performers – Brad Holmes and Rod Wood. But the presence of, and interest in, a team owner is a good sign for the Lions franchise.
  • Jared Goff made the rounds after practice, signing autographs and talking to fans. His fiancé was also present. The Lions quarterback got engaged to Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kristen Harper in June.

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