Jackson, Michigan (WLNS) – On Wednesday, Jackson Mayor Daniel J. Mahoney held his first appearance in the city state as mayor.

Mahoney first discussed the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has affected Jackson over the past two years. He referred to the problems faced by businesses and residents, but said Jackson was in the midst of a renaissance.

He then touted the accomplishments made in Jackson since his election, including restoring the №2 Fire Department, dedicating the former McCulloch School to the Workers’ Memorial Park in honor of frontline workers, allocating $ 4.5 million to affordable housing, food distribution and more.

He then discussed the violence in Jackson, in particular mentioning the deaths of Taylor Alexander, Beautiful Walker and Saddle Arnold. Mahoney announced a summit to reduce violence on Friday, April 8, in collaboration with the City of Jackson, Jackson Police Department, Jackson County, Jackson
Departments of Sheriffs, Jackson College, Baker College, Spring Arbor University and Jackson Juntait Committee.

After police coverage and violence, Mahoney spoke about Jackson’s economic development, especially mentioning projects such as Allen Lofts and the new Biggby Coffee.

Mahoney then looked forward to 2022, unveiling plans such as replacing the air conditioning at the Boos Recreation Center, the arrival of new lifeguards and swimming lessons at the Nixon Pool, renovating the Masonic Temple and more.

He also stressed the need for affordable housing in Jackson and the need to replace the leading service lines.

Mahoney has since advertised many new investments and projects made in collaboration with Congressman Tim Wahlberg.

“105 days ago, when I was sworn in to be mayor of Jackson, I took the oath and made a promise. That promise was to work on the issues I talked about in my company. Today it is a confirmation that I am fulfilling this promise, but it took more than my own vote to be elected, and it will take more than I to fulfill these promises. I will need help from all of you, ”he said.

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