What is good? Sana Lathan directorial debut To come up with The premiere took place at St Toronto International Film Festival this month. The broadcast continues Paramount+ and in some theaters today. On the red carpet at the premiere, Latton didn’t want to tell people how they felt after watching the film. “I just want people to be entertained, to want to discuss, to want to watch again and just be inspired,” Latton said. Not burdened. “There are so many messages in the film. Take one, just take something!” Which is so good To come up with is that audiences are sure to walk away with something – entertainment, a desire to start the film immediately, inspiration – but most of all, you’ll be left with a sense of promise and potential. Not only for Laton as a new director, who proves in this film that she should definitely get back in the director’s chair, but also for his star Jamila K. Gray, an exciting newbie who crawls across the screen and screams for you to pay attention to her talent. Watching Gray shine as Bree, a 16-year-old aspiring rapper and freestyle extraordinaire who can spit bars off the dome with the best of them, is like watching a star form in real time – just like when you first saw it Sanu Latan broke into the role of Monica in the Love and basketball.

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