«Suck my cock,”Among the many vulgar variations, remains a hallmark of the various everyday and profane phrases that heterosexual men utter to each other every day. Maybe it’s a huge and intense inner sensationalism, a colorful figurative challenge, a temporary subconscious sexual reorientation or maybe just a joke, but there seems to be a constant tendency among ordinary men everywhere to ironically express erotic feelings to each other. What may in fact seem like a banal social phenomenon puts us in an expansive linguistic limitation, especially given the broader meanings that these allusions have in relation to homo-sociality, masculinity, and masculinity in general.

According to philosopher Jeff Casey, “Strangeness is a ghost that haunts direct male relationships.” He is supports that simple masculinity contains a colossal number of internal contradictions. The rigid chains of heteronormativity, the paradoxes of the patriarchal system, and the corrupt nature of capitalist ideology all testify to the hot and phallic psyche of the modern (heterosexual) testosterone-fueled man. The creation class society (male invention) has structured our current social existence so that it is rich in unlimited individualism, competition and vicethus contrasting any true intimacy among men.

Ironically, the subtext of many direct-male relationships is exquisitely erotic. Jungian psychotherapist Thomas Moore attributed our bodies as figurative, mythical and mythological erotic landscapes. Our propensity for literalism prevents us from seeing the inherent homo-socialism in contact sports, video games, training, pre-street and nightlife rituals, Greek life, the military, and male-dominated gangs. Like the black woman Audrey Lord describes, erotic can be seen as “giving strength that comes from a deep exchange of any occupation with another person”. If we consider the concepts of Moore and Lord in tandem, it becomes clear that most of the male homo-sociality is simultaneously homo-erotic (not to be confused / confused with homo-sexual). Eras, according to to the French writer Georges Bataille, always entails a certain transgression. Sports and video games simulate (physically or virtually) violations of social norms and behavior through their systemic brutality. We are inter-to act in ways we would not normally do. Act is the key word here. The performance masculinity advocated by many naturals characterized which sociologist David Grazian describes as “the indomitable spirit of competition, the remote emotional remoteness, the insatiable heterosexual desire, all of which are usually manifested by the sexual objectification of women.”

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