Casey Grant, one of the first African-American flight attendants at Delta Air Lines, is on a mission to honor unsung men and women in aviation despite obstacles in their path.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022, marks the International Day of Black Aviation in honor of black pilots, past and present, who dared to dream among the stars and beyond. Airlines, schools and aviation enthusiasts around the world will honor African American pioneers and their achievements. The grant will receive a proclamation from Mayor Kermit “Bo” Dora in Albany, Georgia, and Congressman Robin Kelly.

Illinois is home to outstanding aviators, including Bessie Coleman, Cornelius Coffey, Janet Bragg, John C. Robinson and Will May Brown.

Grant’s mission at the event is to honor black pioneers in aviation for their courage and perseverance, paving the way for colored people to make a career in aviation. It is very important for Grant to share his stories to introduce young people to aviation. Grant is the author of “Stars in the Sky” and “Stars and Beyond.”

“Black flight attendants and aviators fought for our civil rights in the sky, and it has never been documented or recognized. My mission is to disseminate information and educate our youth on this special day, to honor and celebrate our black pioneers in aviation during Black History Month, ”Grant said.

The celebration of International Black Aviation Day will begin with a virtual program on February 9, 2022 in the grant podcast “The Fly Girl Show”. The guests will be:

  • Gigi Coleman is the CEO of the Bessie Coleman Foundation, the director and lecturer of Bessie Coleman Aviation All-Stars, and the grandnephew of Bessie Coleman.
  • Patricia Banks-Edmiston is the first African-American commercial stewardess.
  • Barbara Williams is the first African-American air traffic controller in the Great Lakes region and Ohio.
  • Jacqueline Jacques-Williams is the founder of the first African-American organization of flight attendants, Black Flight Attendants of America, Inc.
  • Teresa Claiborne is the first African-American captain of United and one of the co-founders of the Sisters of the Skies.
  • Guyon (Guy) Blueford was the first African-American astronaut to fly into space.
  • Patrick Evans Annaqua is the CEO and founder of Express Events and works at the Global Institute of Aviation in Ghana.
  • Ibrahim Mahama is a contemporary artist and aviation enthusiast.
  • Doug “Snake” Byrd – aerobatics pilot.
  • Barbara Williams is the first African-American certified air traffic controller in the Great Lakes region and Ohio.

To take part in the opening of the International Day of Black Aviation on February 9, 2022 at 11:00, join Zoom Meeting ID: 840 6236 2103. For more information, please contact

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