WESTERN MICHIGAN – Forecast from Meteorologist FOX 17 Hailey Vaughn: Good morning, Western Michigan! Keep rain gear on hand today. There will be short-term rains all day, small snowflakes are possible from tonight until tonight. If the snow and accumulate, it will be light dust and will melt quickly! High temperatures today remain colder, staying below 40. Late tonight until early Sunday in Western Michigan there is fog. Sunday’s temperature will rise to the 50’s, with dry conditions and plenty of sunlight! Spring officially comes on Sunday, March 20 at 11:33 p.m. This is called the vernal / vernal equinox with about 12 hours of daylight / 12 hours of darkness. Monday brings a mixture of sun and clouds, with temperatures returning to almost 60 degrees. The system will track Northern Michigan on Monday, providing slightly more cloud cover in Western Michigan. It will rain over our region on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Be sure to download the FOX 17 weather app to get the latest forecast and radar.

TODAY: Cloudy with brief rain. Late in the evening small squalls are possible. Maximum temperature in the mid-40s. Wind transition from northeast to northwest from 10 to 15 m / s.

TODAY: Mostly cloudy, intermittent rain in places, possible snowflakes. At dawn the cloudiness decreases, in places fog. Lower temperatures: 20 minutes. Wind northwest from 5 to 15 m / s.

TOMORROW: The first official day of spring! Morning fog. Mostly sunny to partly cloudy. Maximum temperature in the mid-50s.

Monday: Partly cloudy. The maximum temperature is about 60 degrees.

Tuesday: Cloudiness is increasing, light rains are possible. The maximum temperature of the 40’s.

WEDNESDAY: intermittent rains. The maximum temperature of the 40’s.

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