WASHINGTON – In February, employers in the United States increased 678,000 jobs, another solid gain that highlighted the steady health of the economy as the Omicron wave fades and more Americans dare to spend money on restaurants, shops and hotels despite growth. inflation.

A report by the Ministry of Labor on Friday also shows that the unemployment rate fell from 4% to 3.8%, which prolonged the sharp drop in unemployment as the economy recovered after the pandemic recession.

According to CNBCFriday’s report largely exceeded analysts’ expectations.

The increase in February came a month after American employers added 467,000 jobs in January. This report pleasantly surprised analysts who predicted losses amid a record spread of COVID-19 caused by the omicron variant.

However, the Americans are still understanding high inflation, causing prices for goods and services to soar. The Federal Reserve noted in January that the key price index rose by almost 6% last year – the sharpest increase since 1982.

These problems are exacerbated by rising oil prices caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to AAAthe average price of gasoline in the U.S. is more than a dollar more expensive per gallon than it was a year ago.

The Fed has already given a signal that it plans to raise key interest rates this month in hopes of curbing inflation.

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