DETROIT – He does his tours and delivers quite a gift.

He hands out checks. Dwan Dendridge is on a mission. He is working to impact and stabilize the Detroit neighborhood. He is the co-founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization Black Leaders Detroit (BLD), which helps financially support black entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Detroit nonprofits.

“We wanted something that matched the Black Leaders Detroit mission,” he said. “This ensures that black leaders in the city who do effective work have access to capital.”

BLD has singled out organizations that do spectacular work every weekday in February in honor of Black History Month. He chose a nonprofit with a black LED to receive a grant of $ 2,000 or more.

From the Young Coleman Foundation to the Detroit Youth Choir, the Detroit Justice Center and several other organizations received grants.

“It’s incredible to have the support of our colleagues,” said Amanda Alexander, executive director of the Detroit Center for Justice. A non-profit law firm that opened its doors in 2018 and is one of several groups receiving grants from BLD.

“Our mission is to make sure Detroit works for everyone. We are removing legal barriers for people who risk being closed in the future of this city. We help people stay away from prison and jail. We help people keep their homes and help people reunite with their children. ”

Dendridge, who cycled from Detroit to the Mackinac political conference last year, believes that black people not only need a “seat at the table” but also already have the tools needed to make their own table with seats for people. color.

“It was symbolic for us. We really want people to understand what we are willing to go for to make sure that justice is in place. ”

Black Leaders Detroit has selected 20 nonprofits owned by blacks.

Two nonprofits will receive a $ 5,000 grant each, which is $ 50,000 in February.

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