In high school, I decided to go to Parsons Design School in New York, and I dressed that way too. I wore a lot of black leather, chunky heels, headbands (undoubtedly inspired by the original Cackler), and oversized bags instead of backpacks. I searched for images of Miu Miu on the runway and covered my binders with them, taking more fancy items from the collections and trying to make them into my wardrobe. I definitely couldn’t afford the dragonfly shoes I wanted from the brand Spring 2008 collectionbut my mom helped me find alternatives cheap. To contrast my school days, where I was endlessly ridiculed for looking different (people notice if you’re not dressed the way they are; I was asked almost every day, “Why are you dressed like that?”), Fashion has become my escape. My mother and I went to a nearby town to read fashion magazines at Barnes & Noble and in a shop window. We spent hours at Target and TJ Maxx – the only places in the area where you could look for clothes at a decent price and trendy – examining different items, picking them up to see how they would look on us, and offering styles for each other. to which we do not usually reach.

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