After Hurricane Fionaa Category 4 storm that struck the US island territory of Puerto Rico on or about September 18 233,000 individual people were left without electricity, dozens of settlements were flooded, and thousands of houses were destroyed. Puerto Rico is more than 1,900 miles from Ann Arbor, but for many members of the University of Michigan community, the disaster is personal.

Rackham student Daniela Crespo-Miro, who studies modern Puerto Rican literature, has spearheaded an advocacy effort on campus to help Puerto Ricans. They have worked to develop numerous fundraising initiatives in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, including a fundraiser on September 26 at Detroit Street gas station that managed to collect 750 dollars.

“Detroit Street Gas Station has volunteered to offer 10% of its proceeds to four different organizations (to help): Project Matria, Taller Salud, Brigada Solidaria del Oesteand ACCURATE” Crespo-Miro said. “It was a fantastic, very effective fundraiser.”

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