LONDON, England – Human civilization could be wiped out by a “superpredator” extraterrestrial artificial intelligence, according to the world’s leading expert on UFOs.

Nick Popeformer head of Great Britain Ministry of Defense “UFO desktop,” told The US Sun that one day we may encounter “immortal thinking machines” created by an advanced civilization from other parts of the universe.

And he is afraid of this alien AI may view competing life forms such as humans as potential threats to its own existence.

But the revolutionary technology could also help humans come up with a strategy to reach such a civilization or discover extraterrestrial fingerprints hidden in already available data.

Speaking exclusively to the US Sun at the Secret Space Program conference held in Silicon Valley, the Pope said: “What kind of technology will a civilization that is far ahead of ours have?

“The motor systems, obviously; energy sources, but also biotechnology and artificial intelligence.

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