MICHIGAN (WJMN) – Take-A-Highway program enters its 32nd year later Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). The program allows groups of three or more people to apply for “acceptance” of a section of state highway, typically about two miles long.

For at least two years, the groups have agreed to pick up rubbish from designated roads during three nationwide cleaning sessions in exchange for a roadside sign confirming their volunteerism. There is no need to participate in the program, and it is available to groups, including families, service organizations, scout groups, and businesses.

“The benefits for the state are huge and we are very grateful to all the groups involved,” said Dan Weingarten, MDOT’s communications representative at UP. . And every year they pick up about 70,000 bags of garbage, which we estimate is about $ 5 million to save Michigan just in terms of the amount of time these people spend on roadsides. So it’s a big benefit for the state, but it’s also a way for local groups to gain recognition for the work they do in their community. ”

The program operates in every Michigan district, but Weingarten says the program’s continued popularity means not every county now has highway segments open for adoption. To find out about available segments near you, you are encouraged to contact yours regional coordinator.

With the first cleanup session approaching in May, Weingarten is urging drivers to know how the groups work. The state provides participants with yellow protective vests, as well as garbage bags, which are left on the roadsides, for the removal of district crews.

“Participating is very simple and very easy to participate. Many groups really like it because it is an activity outside of which you can involve a lot of people. You can do it with three people or with thirty people, ”Weingarten said. “It’s a great way to go out, play a little sport and find out you’re doing something really valuable to your community.”

You can find an application to apply for the program here.

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