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Here are tips for choosing the best charities, as well as some caveats, as well as tips for expert consumers from the Bureau of Better Business, the FBI, CharityWatch and CharityNavigator.

Who do charitable watchmen recommend?

If you want to think about other charities, there are some other things to consider.

Is this charity legal?

  • Beware of organizations with copied names or with names close to established organizations.
  • Do not click on attachments or links from strangers who turn to donations. It is better to go directly to the websites of legitimate charities than to respond to inquiries that appear in your inbox.
  • Do not give out personal information organizations that contact you through robo-calls or text messages.
  • Does the charity have extraordinary claims? For example, if he claims to be giving 100 percent of donations to help, this is probably misleading. Even the most managed organizations have some administrative costs, fundraising and other costs.
  • If you are asked to pay in cash, gift cards, virtual currencies or bank transfers it’s probably a scam.
  • Be careful with crowdfunding appeals, and donate only to people you know and trust. Even then, review the platform’s policy regarding fees and donations.
  • Has the charity been tested? The BBB, CharityWatch and other monitoring groups evaluate charities based on a number of factors, including the percentage of funds that go directly to aid, compared to salaries, fundraising, etc.

Is this charity best suited to help Ukraine?

Okay, so you’ve found reliable charities. But are they suitable for this particular crisis? Some issues to consider:

  • Can the charity reach the affected area? Organizations already present in Ukraine are in a better position to quickly direct their dollars to work in the country. With reports of Russian aggression against civilians and refugees, even experienced charities face difficult challenges.
  • Local drives to collect food and clothing. Dangerous and complex logistics of delivery of goods to Ukraine and its more friendly borders makes this form of delivery difficult.
  • Is charity an experience in disaster management? The group may be well-meaning, but if it’s not used to working in disaster areas, there are probably better organizations to donate to.

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