ALLEGHAN, MI. — Wednesday was a special day for several families after an Allegan County judge finalized their adoption just in time for the holiday season.

The day before Thanksgiving, five families gathered at the courthouse for another big day – Adoption Day!

Allegan County District Judge Buck held confirmation hearings for families in the 48th District Court – Family Division/Probate Courtroom.

Many of the families couldn’t help but reflect on the moments and memories that led up to this special day.

“When we heard we could sneak in on Adoption Day, we were all for it because we’re so grateful,” Laurie Davis told FOX 17 as she and husband Brandon officially welcomed a little girl into their family.

“When your mom and I went into foster care five years ago, I don’t think we realized what a rollercoaster we were going to go through,” Brandon added as he spoke to his daughter.

The festivities on Wednesday were attended not only by the adoptive parents, but also by many family members.

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