LANCING, MICHIGAN (WLNS) – After the girls announced their post-season game last Monday, it was the boys’ turn to start a single and done time.

The initial meeting took us to Lansing Sexton High School, where the Big Reds host fought the CAAC enemy White Lansing Catholic. The two teams shared their meeting in the regular season, with the latter taking place just six days before, where Lansing Sexton came out on top with a score of 65-60.

In the first round of the county game Lansing Catholic avenged that loss and defeated the Big Reds 60-48. Brody Kirkpatyk led the Cougars with 17 points, Dean Jacobs added 15 points and Alex Waters scored 13 points to finish Lansing Sexton’s winning streak of six games.

“It was a big win for us,” Catholic Lansing coach Brian Darth said. “Dale (Beard) trains these kids perfectly. His kids are stubborn and they are all energy all the time. It was a big task for our children to overcome the storm after the second quarter. ”

Senior forward Brody Kirkpatyk said: “It was very good, you know, after parting with them last Tuesday. We knew we could have it. They are a very physical team, very aggressive, and we have worked a lot so far. “

Now Lansing Catholic will play with Ionia in the county semifinals on Wednesday in Portland.

Lansing Everett and Mason were going to Holt, and a trip to the district semifinals was going on at the concert. The two teams went back and forth in the first half, but at the end of the third quarter the Bulldogs increased their lead by eight points.

“We had problems in the third quarter all season,” Lansing coach Everett Eric Adams said. “So we just had to stay up to date with them, there was nothing else in this game, so we just had to keep talking to them, calling time-outs, reassuring them and letting them know we’ve been here before.”

This strategy worked for the Vikings because 11 seconds before the game they were on one point and own the ball.

Senior guard DeAndre Williams was determined to keep the season and did just that. In 5.1 seconds on the clock he knocked down the victory in the game and gave the Vikings a 62-61 victory.

“I really saw the alley. We tried to open big, but I saw that they all slid to one side. So I saw the strip and I just had to attack it because I was doing all my swearing, ”Williams said. “I knew it was for me.”

Adams said: “Dre, we depended on him all season and he stood up for us in the clutch. I sighed with relief because I knew we didn’t have much time left. So it was just nice to see it come in. ”

Lansing Everett will meet Okemas in the district semifinals on Wednesday at Holt.

After the Vikings finished in Holt on Monday, more Vikings took the floor. After Everett’s victory, Jackson fought Jackson Northwest. With 11 points from Duncan Moffitt and Ethan Anspau, Mounties of Jackson Northwest won 50-46 and will meet Holt on Wednesday.

Lansing Eastern also made it to the district semifinals on Monday. The Quakers defeated Lakewood 63-54 and will meet Haslet on Wednesday.

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