The theme of this year’s Women’s History Month is “Women who provide treatment, promote hope”, and due to the pandemic, inflation and other life stresses, healing and hope may be needed now more than ever. In black communities, COVID has had a disproportionate impact not only on physical health but also on mental health. Known as a way to improve both, exercise can be a useful tool in dealing with the effects of certain medical conditions, weight gain or loss, and relieving mental stress. A local fitness trainer in Detroit has this in mind and is working to impact the health of his community.

The need to be healthy and stay healthy comes first with body movements. As more and more African Americans engage in fitness, gyms and gyms owned by blacks are beginning to appear in urban areas. Coach Harry Dickie is working to keep Detroiter healthy and active by opening the Konnected Fitness Fitness Center in the West Village metropolitan area.

There are few black specialists in the arena of health and well-being. Statistics show that just over five percent of fitness trainers are African-American, leaving little room to talk about black people’s health and well-being. As more facilities appear, black communities may take control of their overall health and certain medical conditions due to diet or mental stress.

“Overall, healthy eating, exercise and doing this in the proper shape and consistency will help reduce the overall risk or occurrence of hypertension,” Wild said. “Connected Fitness supports overall health improvement, so when it comes to things like hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes and diseases like those that affect the black community, the type of exercise we do is more based on conditioning, which of ‘is a form. cardio, really helps improve heart health ”.

In addition to physical fitness, mental health has become a widely discussed issue in black communities. Considering all aspects of health, Konnected Fitness is a resource that will help participants not only walk the path of physical health but also achieve mental agility.

“The intersection of fitness and mental health is that we do not exist alone; mind, body and spirit fit together. It is important to remember this when we train or create a certain environment. This is especially important for black communities, because classes and being in a certain environment allow us to cultivate things in ourselves, being able to start at a certain moment and overcome various parameters during training, ”said coach Harry.

The pandemic has put a heavy strain on mental health because weight gain for some has been a side effect of more than two years spent indoors. Women and men who suffer from body-positive problems often find relief through physical activity. This can lead to results reflected in the mirror and on the scales.

“Connected Fitness as a brand works to promote body positivity because, in general, there’s nothing in the Konnected Fitness brand that would be particularly focused on a body image that said, ‘Hey, you have to look that way.’ My mission is to connect with my best self through fitness so you can choose your own goals and focus on being a better version of yourself, ”Wild said.

Immunity health has become a pressing issue as COVID cases have begun to grow. Emphasizing the importance of diet for immunity, Harry encourages Detroit residents to take an active role in maintaining their health by paying close attention to food choices.

“It’s important for communities to become more physically active because physical activity and exercise help improve your overall health, but even more nowadays physical activity does help boost your immune system along with healthy eating,” Dickie said. . “Besides, there are mental benefits. Mental benefits actually also contribute. ”

For some, time is a barrier that hinders physical fitness. In a busy life it is difficult to find time to get the body moving, which affects all aspects of health. For those who can’t find time to work out in the gym, outdoor activities can serve as a natural healer for mind, body and spirit.

“I always invite people to go outside and play or find a place where they are comfortable walking. Even increasing your steps or physical activity will improve your health. Just move as much as you can; go to the store and park away from the door. Focus on increasing movement and increasing strides throughout the day, ”coach Harry said.

Konnected Fitness is located at 8001 Kercheval Ave., Suite 102, Detroit.

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