Young actor Braden Ethan has taken on a variety of roles – such as starring in a family adventure film and touching on darker themes in a dramatic thriller – and this range catches his attention.

A 14-year-old teenager from Gartland gets starring in movies.

Ethan said he has a trick to make his role.

“I describe it as fastening on your characters, like a coat, and when you’re done, you’ll fasten it,” he explained.

He said acting is not the same as pretending; it can evoke real emotions.

“You have to be very vulnerable to the character,” he said. “To be able to express such emotions, you have to be heroes, imagine that you are characters. The actors have a good idea and you have to achieve this in your mind. I’m not pretending. You draw real emotions. “

He said that after shooting tense scenes it helps to imagine that he is shooting a character like a coat.

Hartland Township teen actor Braden Ethan starred in the family adventure film Crystal Creek Media "Dinosaur Bay."

Now the teenager is taking on his first starring role in a major feature film – the adventure for the family “Dinosaur Bay” (Crystal Creek Media), which is expected to be released this spring on major streaming services.

From last month’s trailer for the production company, “Dinosaur Bay” promises to be a child-centered adventure about a boy, Ethan Riley Harrison’s character, who faces pterodactyl and a top-secret project.

Ethan said that for the role of Riley he needed to direct real emotions. In the film Riley recently lost his mother and is grieving, according to the resume.

Ethan said he got the role through auditioning after playing in “The Miracle at Christmas”. a film shot in the Brighton area and released on Amazon Prime and DVD in 2020. Actor James Pilachowski combines a Christmas movie and “Dinosaur Bay”.

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