Lansing, Michigan (WLNS) – Amid fighting in Europe, gas prices are rising at home and across the country. President Biden said prices were likely to jump again after he announced a ban on Russian oil and gas as part of economic punishment. Governors across the country are now calling on the federal government to provide some relief by suspending the federal gas tax.

A letter sent to Congress leaders, signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and other state governors, calls for a suspension of tax payments for the rest of the year.

“This is an effort led by Senator Stabenov, Congressman Slotkin and Congressman Kildi. I think it makes a lot of sense, ”Governor Whitmer said.

As gas prices reach a record national average of four dollars and 17 cents, five state governors are repeating Governor Whitmer’s call for a national gas tax that will lead to the suspension of the tax. The governor’s office said the high prices were the result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The letter came the same day as President Biden issued a ban on supplies of oil, gas and other fuels from Russia.

“This means that Russian oil will no longer be accepted in US ports, and the American people will strike another powerful blow at Putin’s military machine,” he said in a speech on Tuesday.

The move would cost Russia nearly a hundred million dollars a day, but could lead to even higher pump prices.

The letter said the money saved on the pumps would help Americans pay for groceries and childcare. LT. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist said this is just one of the ways he and the governor are trying to keep money in the wallets of Michigan residents.

“It is important to make sure that we can save money through every opportunity and I will continue to support the federal government’s calls for a national gas tax. And at the same time, the proposals that Governor Whitmer and I have made to our proposed budgets would also save Michigan families a huge amount of money, ”he said.

Legislation has been introduced, and if passed it will reduce 18 cents of that federal gas tax.

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