LANSING – Metro Detroit businessman Perry Johnson begins his candidacy for governor of Michigan with a splash, starting a $ 1.5 million advertising campaign with a commercial in Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Johnson, 74, is the founder Recorders Perry Johnsona firm from the city of Troy that helps other companies meet state and industry certification standards.


The political outsider and virtual unknown is the second millionaire to run in the crowded Republican nomination race, joining Kevin Market of Auckland County in a number of dozens of candidates.

The winner of the Republican primary in the November election will meet with Democratic Gov. Gothen Whitmer for a first term.

Johnson applied to run for governor in January, and last week announced he would invest an initial $ 2.5 million of his own money in the race, corresponding to the amount Whitmer raised last quarter.

Self-proclaimed “quality guru” advertises his international business experience new Super Cup adwhich, according to his company, will be broadcast on most television markets across the state before, during or after the game.

“Can you really come up with a profession that is more desperate for quality than government?” He asks, continuing several injections into the Whitmer administration, citing deaths in nursing homes from COVID-19 and billions of dollars of unemployment insurance fraud during the pandemic.

“I bought quality in 61 countries,” Johnson says. – Let’s do it here at home.

Johnson is the last Michigan businessman to try to use Super Cup advertising to boost his political profile. Former Gov. Rick Snyder has identified himself as “one hard nerd“in place of the 2010 Super Cup before the election victory. Democrat Sri Tanedar”game name“The ad was less memorable in 2018 when he lost the Whitmer nomination.

With less than six months to go before the Aug. 2 primaries, the Republican nomination for governor seems to be wide open.

Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig entered the race last fall as an alleged runner, but published sluggish amount of fundraising. Other Trump-targeted candidates are also reported, including podcast Tudor Dixon of Muskegon and chiropractor Gareth Soldano of Kalamazoo. spend more than collected last quarter.

Other Republican gubernatorial candidates include businesswoman Donna Brandenburg. entrepreneur Austin Cheng, Michigan Police Captain Michael Brown, former Allendale Town Planning Commissioner Ryan Kelly, Bob Scott of Howell, Michael Markie of Kentwood and Pastor Ralph Rebandt.

To qualify for the primary vote, candidates must collect at least 15,000 signatures on the petition by April 19. So far only Soldano has filed petitions.

The Democratic Governors’ Association unveiled Johnson last month when he applied for the election, calling him an “untouchable millionaire” who joins the “long list of untouchable Republicans” running for governor.

Johnson founded Perry Johnson Registrar, Inc., in the early 1990s. He has written books on international quality management standards and also lectured as a motivational speaker.

In a letter to friends and family this weekend when he started his campaign, Johnson called himself a political outsider who would draw Lansing’s new attention to detail.

“Michiganers deserve better, demand better and will have a much better government, following the example of business and sports and using statistical methods in the relentless pursuit of quality,” he wrote.

“That’s why I’m running for governor.”

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