(Photo: Entrepreneurial Spirit Award: Melissa Butler, CEO / Founder of The Lip Bar)

On Friday, February 25, at 19:30 by Eastern European standard, General Motors noted remarkable successes in the automotive industry and beyond. At the virtual event, organized by the entrepreneur and strategist from Detroit, Haj Fleming from Rebrand Cities, the keynote speaker was rapper and public activist Michael “Killer Mike” Render.

This year’s virtual event, hosted by Cadillac and the General Motors African Ancestry Network (GMAAN), highlighted sensational talents and inspiring conversations. GMAAN is a resource group of employees whose mission is to attract, develop and retain employees of African descent, while engaging our communities in prioritizing GM’s business priorities and performance. The annual GMAAN Awards ceremony allows the company and its colleagues to celebrate the achievements of outstanding employees and delve into GM’s plans for the car.

Cadillac theme “Be brave. Be fearless. Be Iconic. ”Reflects the brand’s commitment and a new era – fearless, innovative and one where“ we never stop pushing boundaries ”.

DJ Ray and Detroit’s favorite youth choir made entertainment for the event with two fiery selections. Guests enjoyed a chat by the fireplace featuring GMAAN presenter Hajj Flemings and rapper and public activist Killer Mike. The exciting 1: 1 conversation covered his 20-year music career, social justice efforts, entrepreneurship and relationships with General Motors and Cadillac.

“We look forward to once again celebrating the achievements and triumphs of black culture,” says Tammy Golden, GMAAN President and Executive Director of Labor Strategy. “We hope that through our program, GM employees, sponsors and supporters will be encouraged to use their voice and increase opportunities, positivity and greatness.”

This year’s celebration honored individuals who have made an impact and succeeded in business, the community and their promising areas. Among the winners of 2022:

Entrepreneurial Spirit Award: Melissa Butler, CEO / Founder of The Lip Bar
Community Enrichment Award: Hajj Flemings, CEO / Founder of Rebrand Cities
STEAM Award: Dr. Tyrone Tabarn, CEO of Career Communications
Lifetime Achievement Award: Leon Richardson, President and CEO of Chemico Group
Marketing Achievement Award: Melissa Grady Diaz, Cadillac Global Marketing Director
Trailblazer Award: Michael “Mike Killer” Render, Cultural Icon and Community Champion

Melissa Butler and Juanita Sleppy

Juanita Slepi, Head of Multicultural Marketing / Cadillac, awarded Detroit native Melissa Butler of Lip Bar with the Entrepreneur Excellence Award, which recognizes entrepreneurial excellence. Blind called Balter the most important support in society for businesses owned by black women.

Also nominated are Gerald Johnson (Executive Vice President of Global Production), Matthews Joshua (Executive Director of Entertainment and Communications), Maurice Williams (General Manager, Sales Support, Operations in the US), Darrell Rounds (Head, North American Strath) EV infrastructure). part 2021 Michigan Chronicle Men of Excellence.

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