“Additional policy changes may take place in the coming weeks,” Lisa Estlund-Olson, director of the state employer’s office, wrote in a letter. “We look forward to more smiles from our colleagues as we continue our work.”


The change came after school districts and counties recently revoked the mandate for masks as the number of COVID cases and hospitalizations across the state declined.

Government agencies may have different policies regarding visitors and to meet specific operational needs. Local health departments and organizations may adopt their own camouflage requirements. According to the State Office, camouflage requirements may return as COVID-19 conditions develop.

She Nicole, an employee of the Michigan Department of Transportation, said she is concerned that officials are canceling the mandate for masks because her department requires staff to return to Lansing headquarters or regional offices twice a week since May.

“I’m worried because our building hasn’t been renovated and has an old air system,” Nicole said. “Even before the pandemic, when the common cold was spreading, everyone seemed to be getting sick.”

While Estlund-Olson referred to the recently weakened recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in stopping the requirements for masks, the Michigan Republican Party accused the Whitmer administration of politics.

“Political science continues to change as polls show that Democrat politics is becoming more and more unpopular,” MIGOP communications director Gustavo Partel said on Tuesday.

“With a majority in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, as well as a series of gubernatorial elections such as here in Michigan, Biden and Whitmer are moving away from this unpopular policy, trying to save their own skin in the ballot box in November this year. We will not let the people of Michigan forget that their policies have wreaked havoc on our economy. “

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