It was on the sidelines where a quarrel unfolded between Michigan basketball head coach Juan Howard and Wisconsin head coach Greg Gard. As a result, Howard will be suspended until the end of the regular season following a suspension announced by The Big Ten Conference on Monday. Both coaches will be fined at a disappointing moment for basketball in college.

The physical confrontation between the coaching staff and the players took place after the defeat of “Wolverines” from “Badgers” with a score of 77-63 on Sunday.

Howard seemed to avoid Garda in the tradition of shaking hands with players and coaches as an athlete. Gard grabbed Howard to slow him down, and the Michigan head coach responded. The situation has worsened, and it is clear that everyone in the sports world is talking.

Former Michigan basketball player John Horford, who played in 2010-2014, weighed the situation and said both sides were to blame.

Check out the video interview segment below!

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