Motown native Jacqueline Campbell began her career in financial services when she was a teenager.

“My initial entry into the industry came through a cooperative high school program,” Campbell said. “In our last year we had the opportunity to go through a program of work and study. I signed up for a job at Comerica Bank. At the end of my internship was supposed to end, but I was so fascinated by the financial services industry that they asked me to remain a permanent employee.

From there she never looked back. Shortly afterwards her career led her to Chicago, where she developed into Bank One, now recognized as Chase Wealth Management. Campbell grew from a partner to managing her own portfolio and eventually led an investment team responsible for nearly $ 2 billion in assets.

“It was definitely incredible for my career. Since Chicago is a major market for financial services, it has really opened the door for me to have much more opportunities to take my skills to the next level, ”Campbell said.

After 25 years working in corporate America, Campbell decided it was time to return home and develop her enthusiastic project.

“Women and colored people make up less than three percent [wealth management] industry, black woman less than one percent. Much of my job when I was in corporate America was to fight for us to attract, retain, and attract colored people. At some point, I had to decide to “walk away” so I could “speak up” and have a significant impact on the future of our industry ”.

Alexander Legacy Private Wealth Management (ALPWM), a full-service consulting company, launched in April 2021. ALPWM is focused on making the complex easy for both clients and consultants. They offer financial planning, investment management and real estate planning, among other services. Campbell serves as president and CEO.

“I wanted to make sure we were at headquarters and at home,” Campbell said. “Think about what has happened in Detroit since I left in 1999, until now in 2022. A lot of investment has returned to the city. I think the city covers a variety of industries and businesses. I feel that now is the best time in the world to be in Detroit. ”

Another major reason Campbell launched ALPWM in her hometown is to pay ahead and influence the next generation from the same community in which she grew up. She is actively working to push young black people into financial services, just as she started.

“Obviously we want clients … but I would be unacceptable if I left this world and didn’t hire more black people, young men and women. That is my mission, ”Campbell said. “The other day I was at a conference and was the only black person in the room. If 2022 and we are still not represented and not included in these rooms, then there must be someone brave enough to say that I will raise my hand and do it. ”

In addition to the ALPWM headquarters at the Renaissance Center, a satellite is planned to open this summer on Ferry Street in downtown. Located next to Wayne State University, Lewis College of Business and the College of Creative Studies, Campbell is looking to go straight to the source to recruit for the upcoming ALPWM curriculum.

“We are going to go to the next generation and get them a license and certification to be able to be proxies in this business … We are going to create six-digit jobs and seven-digit value and change the true trajectory of the wealth gap.”

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